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Eyelash of the Devil

Silent Speech
8 January
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I love you
..., a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, abandoned pools, afi, american history x, ani difranco, animal house, anthem, arch enemy, as hope dies, as i lay dying, at the gates, auto-pilot off, beastie boys, beatles, beyond the sixth seal, blindside, blow, books i love:, boy sets fire, brand new, breakfast at tiffany's, breakfast club, bridget jones' diary, burnt by the sun, bush, candide, cardigans, catcher in the rye, chasing amy, clerks, coheed and cambria, converge, custom, dashboard confessional, david bowie, dead kennedys, dean martin, death to smoochey, deathcab for cutie, dogma, donnie darko, doors, east of eden, edward scissorhands, elvis, eminem, fenix tx, fight club, finch, foo fighters, franz ferdinand, garbage, garden state, glassjaw, gomez, gone with the wind, great expectations, green day, hole, hook, in flames, isis, jimmy eat world, jimmy hendrix, john mayer, led zepplin, life aquatic, lost prophets, mallrats, manson, many more..., mastadon, memoirs of a geisha, mindless self indulgance, mindless self indulgence, misfits, modest mouse, movies i love:, mxpx, my favorite bands:, napoleon dynamite, nin, nirvana, no doubt, nofx, norah jones, of mice and men, offspring, oldschool, ordinary people, pennywise, pig destroyer, pink floyd, pretty in pink, prozzak, prozzak nation, radiohead, ramones, rebecca, rolling stones, rufio, silverchair, sinatra, something corperate, suicide machines, sweet 16, system of a down, taking back sunday, tale of two cities, the bell jar, the boondock saints, the divine comedy (hell), the getup kids, the giver, the gorillaz, the great gatsby, the hives, the moldy peaches, the pixies, the royal tennenbaums, the strokes, the used, the who, the wizard of oz, thursday, usher, valley girls... etc..., vaux, weezer